Screw Machine and Swiss CNC Products

Committed to quality

Quality is our goal. Camco-Manufacturing considers quality control to be the lifeline to success. Depend on us for consistent accuracy and reliability in meeting your business needs. Quality workmanship from start to finish adheres to your specifications. Final inspection of quality, counts, and completed packaging are strictly required before parts are released to customer.



Service and Satisfaction

From initial contact through parts delivery, Camco stresses customer satisfaction and service. We are available to consult with you to help determine the proper specifications requirements, product handling, scheduling, pricing and more.


Camco-Manufacturing is competitively priced. This is the result of the highly skilled personnel operating automated equipment. Each individual machine part is reviewed during production run to make sure that the customer's part is being produced efficiently as possible.





Camco-Manufacturing does not promise anything that it cannot deliver. When a part is quoted, the customer is given a firm delivery date. Prompt delivery is based on a carefully planned schedule.



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